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June 22nd, 2007

Yahoo! Photos Grabber 0.1

Posted by Kelvin in

Oh, so you’ve probably heard the news that Yahoo! Photos is going to close down.

The problem is, loads of people LOVE Yahoo! Photos, with many, many good years of usage, and since they’re closing – these good folks would rather have their photos OUT of the system altogether, than moving to something they’re unfamiliar with, say – Flickr.

Now, being the very diplomatic company, Yahoo! Photos have replied in their Knowledge Base Article that Unfortunately we do not technically support the ability to download more than one photo at a time, but for many of you it won’t take much time to download your favorites.”

(Hmmm. Bandwidth costs. *cough* – Like as if they aren’t rich enough)

Yep, I have to “agree” to a minimal extent. My girlfriend, Lafina, spent the half of last night downloading just a hundred out of almost six hundred photographs from Yahoo! Photos back to her computer – and it took so long because they made it increasingly difficult to download everything at once.

Hence, with quite alot of thought, and even more work, I came out with…


(Click HERE to download Yandao.com’s Yahoo! Photos Grabber)

Basically, to install, just upload it to any web server which supports PHP, and then visit the script in your browser, like http://mydomain.com/grab.php or something!

The instructions are inside the file itself too!

As for now, have fun! ..and leave me a comment on how it went!

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